Guyana is gearing up to tap into drone technology as part of its drive to advance its technological development in the area of health. President Dr Irfaan Ali made the announcement during a recent event where he outlined the country’s plans to develop an electronic, data-driven, decision-making system that would improve service delivery, the government’s efficiency, stimulate operation and improve the country’s global footprint in technology.

President Ali highlighted the use of drone technology as one of the key developments that would assist with delivering medical supplies to remote areas. This technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare in the country, particularly in rural areas where access to medical facilities can be limited.

Drones can be used to deliver essential medicines, vaccines, and blood products to remote areas quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing the time and cost of transportation. In addition, drones can also be used to collect medical samples and deliver them to laboratories for testing, allowing for more timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Guyana’s focus on drone technology is part of its wider drive to create a more tech-driven workforce and economy. The President noted that technology would also be a part of developments in security, education, and food security.

With the development of drone technology, Guyana is positioning itself as a platform and prime destination for ICT services and business. The country has already made positive strides in this regard through the development of legislation for data centers, among other areas. By 2027, the President is convinced that Guyana will have the most modern legal architecture to support any type of technological development.


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