Though it is in the process of being demolished by government agents, attorney-at-law for the opposition, Darren Wade said today that party officials still have a legal right to occupy the Lethem building that served as its office for more than 30 years.

He categorically stated that the party has not legally given up its rights to the building. Wade also noted that the premises was not entered unlawfully, nor was it trespassed by officials of the party, as claimed by government in recent times.

“We were always in possession of the premises. And at no point are we giving up possession either. The issue of trespassing is a legal issue and trespassing is against the person who has possession which is the party that has been there for about 50 years,” Wade said. In simpler terms, he said the party cannot be accused of trespassing on what belongs to it.

The attorney further opined that the actions of the police to remove occupants from the building was unlawful and unwarranted. Wade further claimed that the law prescribes penalties for the officers who supervised the demolition.

Meanwhile, former Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region 9, Carl Parker today recounted what occurred when he was arrested yesterday and place before the courts on a damage to property charge.

According to Parker, he was arrested yesterday by the same police officer who had been supervising the demolition of the regional office.

“He came to the house and I informed him that I had just woken up and that I had to attend to some chores to complete and that I will come to the station when it is finished. They then asked if I could be there before 10 that morning, which I did,” Parker said.

The regional representative noted that when he arrived at the station, he was immediately informed that he was under arrest for damaging property belonging to the contractor that was hired by the region to demolish the building.

Parker further noted that he was also accused of threatening another contractor. He noted that he then invoked his right to remain silent after he was questioned about the allegations leveled against him.

“While at the Station the police attempted to deny us our (him and the co-accused) rights. They wanted to take away my cell phone. I told them not my phone because my phone has sensitive information. However, after three hours at the police station we were arraigned.” Parker said.

Parker claimed during the virtual news conference that he believes instructions were given by the administration to “intimidate” him and other persons who are currently involved in the matter. He stated, “We will not be bullied”, while adding that the party will remain vigilant.


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