Though numerous political figures in the opposition’s camp have condemned recent inflammatory remarks by two members in the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), the Alliance For Change (AFC) made it clear today that it will not be part of that grouping. In fact, the party told Guyana Standard today that it will “sit this one out.”

During the party’s weekly press conference, AFC Executive Member Catherine Hughes was asked by this news agency for the party’s response to the utterances made by the two WPA members, Tacuma Ogunseye and Rhonda Layne.

The Member of Parliament was also asked to speak specifically about comments made by the Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton, who defended the remarks by the WPA members calling it, “the truth”, while adding that better language could have been adopted.

However, Hughes responded indirectly, stating, “We are being asked to comment when the current structure is not interested in anything that the AFC has to say really… When I speak about the structure I speak about the Government that has the wherewithal to implement programmes to change the challenges we have.”

Hughes then went on to highlight that in other instances, referring to the Cyber Crime Act, there has been limited prosecution of persons who utter offensive and racial remarks using social media. She noted that the issue of racism should not be an isolated issue but a broader spectrum.

Yesterday, the Opposition Leader told a press conference that comments made by the two WPA members speak to the current situation many Guyanese face with regards to racism and high cost of living. Norton admitted that while he felt a better analogy could have been used, the speakers were “spot on” in its interpretation.

Several members of the same Opposition came out on several media platforms to condemn the utterances made by the two WPA Members. The WPA also received tough criticisms from the Government, non-governmental organizations and even private sector bodies. The WPA however challenged the administration to take legal action against their members if it is so offended.


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