The plot has reportedly thickened regarding the investigation into the escape of death row convict Royden Williams. Investigators have found that the convict’s escape was allegedly assisted by prison wardens along with the help of a senior officer. That officer, along with three other wardens and two civilians were this afternoon charged with alleged conspiracy. The six individuals appeared virtually before Magistrate Christel Lambert.

Those charged were Senior Prison Officer, Alexander Hopkinson, and wardens Conroy Hosannah, Omar Witherspoon and Oldfield Romulas. In addition, Venezuelan National, Frangeline Flores and businessman, Rajmohan Outar were also charged.

It is alleged that on May 19, at the Mazaruni Prison, the six individuals in cahoots with others, conspired in the plot for Williams’ escape. In making its case, the prosecution outlined that the six persons not be granted their pre-trial liberty, due to the fact that the charge laid against them is a serious one. The prosecution further stated if granted bail, the accused persons may try to flee the jurisdiction.

However, Attorney-at-Law, Patrice Henry, representing the interest of Wardens Hosannah and Witherspoon, explained that his clients are both junior ranks who were following the instructions handed to them by their senior ranks. He pointed out in suspicion too that his clients were charged without a complete investigation.

Meanwhile, Attorney Bernard, who made an appearance on behalf of senior officer Hopkinson, explained that his client had no knowledge of the plot, and was only made aware on his way to court. The lawyer said that he too found it bizarre that the file was not complete before the accused was arraigned before the courts.

Magistrate Lambert was however unconvinced by their submissions. In fact, Magistrate Lambert outlined that the offence is serious in nature. She pointed out too that the convict is still at large. All six of the accused were remanded to prison until June 22. She also ordered for them to be housed away from the majority of the prison population for their safety.

The Joint Services are still on the lookout for Williams who escaped from prison last week during a daring shoot out between prison ranks and several Venezuelan nationals. Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn told a press conference last week that Williams and his cohorts are still within Guyana’s borders. A $10M bounty is out for his recapture.


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