Over 214,000 children from public and private schools will soon benefit from the annual ‘Because We Care’ cash grant coupled with the school uniform and supplies voucher totalling $40,000 per child, as the government will commence distribution countrywide on Monday, June 5.

This was announced by Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand via the Ministry of Education’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

“So, next Monday, we will begin to distribute to families across this country financial assistance for their children’s schooling. As you know we promised that we would give every family financial assistance every year. This year, that sum is $40,000 per child,” the education minister underlined.

This amounts to some $8.6 billion in disposable income being made available to families nationwide.

Minister Manickchand explained the eligibility requirements to receive the grant.

“If you are going to be doing CAPE, then, once you register for CAPE subjects for the new academic year, we will pay you in or around October, you will receive that grant. Eligibility really means that you are on the register of a public or private school and that you are attending school. And we got your names from your schools.”

Persons can uplift the cash grant from their children’s schools or from the cluster where the school is located.

“Next week from the 5th to the 9th [June], under the watchful eyes of the Auditor General’s department, we are very glad to be able to bring this to you because we care,” Minister Manickchand stated.

This year, $94.4 billion was allocated to the sector further boost access to quality education.

The government has made significant progress in the last three years, proving its dedication to guaranteeing Guyanese access to educational opportunities at every level. (Department of Public Information)


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