The Police in Regional Division 4C in collaboration with the Ministry of Education’s Schools Welfare Department and teachers, on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, commenced an operation to tackle “anti-social” behaviours exhibited by students in schools.

These behaviours, the force said, have resulted in violent encounters in some instances. Random searches and lectures were conducted at six East Coast Demerara schools.

The following topics were discussed:

1. Violence and crime committed at schools
2. Gang fighting
3. Taking offensive weapons to school.
4. The consequences of using offensive weapons at school.
5. Being on the streets after school.
6. Respect for teachers.
7. Cybercrimes.

Students’ bags were also searched in the presence of the Head Master/Mistress and Welfare Officers, where several scissors, cannabis, screwdrivers, needles and knives were found.


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