Cops on Tuesday morning at Leonora, West Coast Demerara, found close to 40 lbs of marijuana in a car during a stop and search exercise.

The bust was made around 08:30hrs by Region 3 Commander, Assistant Commissioner Mahendra Siwnarine, along with other ranks, following a tip.

The vehicle in question is a silver grey Premio with registration plates #HD 4784. It was being driven by a 33-year-old male.

Ranks found a multi-coloured shopping bag in the car’s trunk. The bag was opened in the driver’s presence and it contained three black bulky plastic garbage bags, which had 18 compressed parcels.

Upon opening, a quantity of cannabis leaves, seeds and stems were found. He was cautioned, arrested and escorted to the Leonora Police Station along with the said narcotics which amounted to 17,711 grams.

The man was placed into custody pending further investigations and charges.


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