Police in Regional Division 2 are investigating an incident resulting in the death of 13-year-old Rovin Williams of Lot 979 Onderneeming Sand Pit Essequibo Coast.

The horrific incident occurred last Monday at about 17:30hrs at Adventure, Essequibo Coast.

Enquiries disclosed that the victim and several others went to pick mangoes in Onderneeming Sand Pit and after they finished loading a canter, headed to Adventure Essequibo Coast.

Rovin was seated in the tray along with Joshua Ramdat and Kevin Thomas, while Franklin Madray and Navin Bhagwandeen were in the cabin with the driver, Leslie Anthony.

Joshua Ramdat alleged that as the canter was reversing in the driveway of the yard at Adventure, the child jumped off the vehicle and was walking behind it in the said direction.

Ramdat said he shouted to the victim who stopped and was hit by canter. He then called for the driver to stop but it was too late. The canter had already ran over the child.

Williams was rushed to the Suddie Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival and the body is presently lying at the Suddie mortuary.

Further investigations are underway.


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