During an interview on Wednesday evening, Vice President (VP), Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo underscored that if the rape allegations against Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall are true, then he will have to face the consequences.

The Vice President was at the time being interviewed by Mikhail Rodrigues, popularly known as the “Guyanese Critic.”

In light of the grave allegations that are leveled against the minister, the Vice President stressed that in the government and the People’s Progressive Party, women and children are very important to the their future. To this end, he noted that he does not want to be premature by saying the minister is guilty while the investigation is still ongoing.

He explained that while he does not know the outcome of the investigations being done by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the Child Care and Protection Agency (CPA), he hopes the allegations are not true.

“We hope so. But if they turn out to be true when investigation is done, then he has to face the consequences. It’ll be as clear as that, he has to face the consequences. The party will not support,” the Vice President noted.

The GPF in a brief statement on Monday confirmed that an investigation was launched into the rape allegations made against the minister. On Monday evening, Minister Dharamlall was arrested when he turned up at the Brickdam Police Station.

At the station the minister was told of the allegations, and cautioned before he was arrested. He was later released on $1 million bail pending investigation.

Additionally, the minister’s lawyer, Nigel Hughes in a statement announced that Dharamlall has retained his law firm to represent him and protect his interest.

As such Hughes said, “In the interest of a fair investigation and the necessity to protect the interests of all parties concerned, we urge that speculation, wild accusations, pre mature judgments and unsupported conclusions be avoided.”


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