See the full statement from the Guyana Police Force on recent developments surrounding the rape allegations levelled against the Local Government Minister, Nigel Dharamlall by a 16-year-old schoolgirl:

The Guyana Police Force wishes to categorically state that at all times, the highest level of professionalism was adopted during the investigation into an alleged Rape made against Minister Nigel Dharamlall.

As a result, the Guyana Police Force wishes to condemn the dangerous and mischievous attempts made by several social media personalities and an online news outlet to obscure and contort the facts in this matter.

On the 28th of June 2023, the file was returned to the Police by the DPP with instructions to conduct further investigations.  As a result, the investigators proceeded to action same.

At no time on yesterday’s date, that is, the 29th of June 2023, did any investigator or member of the Guyana Police Force make contact with the virtual complainant to conduct any interview, as is falsely and maliciously being peddled that the virtual complainant was subjected to interviews after interviews, up until 11:00 pm last night. This allegation has no basis in fact, and the truth can easily be established.

Further, these mischievous and inaccurate claims do not reveal the fact that since yesterday the virtual complainant informed her parents and the Child Care Protection officer that she did not want to proceed with this matter any further. Again, this can easily be verified.

The Guyana Police Force was informed that the Virtual Complainant and her parents (without the assistance of any investigator or any other member of the Guyana Police Force) prepared a statement to that effect withdrawing the complaint.

The Guyana Police Force was also informed that this statement was delivered by hand to the DPP’s chambers by a parent of the virtual complainant.  Thereafter, another copy of this statement was delivered to the Guyana Police Force.

Only after receipt of that statement did the Investigators meet with the virtual complainant, her parent and a Childcare official at the Childcare and Protection Agency.

At that time, the Virtual Complainant, in the presence of her parent and the Childcare official, informed the investigators that she was withdrawing her complaint against Minister Nigel Dharamlall and that she was doing so without anyone forcing her to do so and of her own free will.

A video recording was made of the Virtual Complainant expressing these wishes, and her statement was then handed over to the investigators. All of this were done in the presence and hearing of her parent and the Childcare Protection Agency officer.

The police file will now be sent back to the DPP for further legal advice.

For emphasis, it must be reiterated that at no time whatsoever was the Virtual Complainant interviewed and re-interviewed to exhaustion as is alleged. Further, any and all interactions with the Virtual Complainant and the investigators were always in the presence of the Childcare Protection Officers.

The Guyana Police Force also wishes to express its concern over the fact that confidential information surrounding the interviews conducted by and at a particular Non-Governmental Organization was unauthorizedly disclosed to several persons who published details of same on social media.

This is a serious development which can undermine criminal investigations resulting in serious miscarriages of justice.


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