The Government of Guyana is aiming to foster deeper collaborations with the United States (US), particularly in the areas of crime, security, and trade. President Irfaan Ali revealed this intention during his address at a joint press conference alongside US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

President Ali highlighted that the government is already engaged in extensive discussions with the US to establish more robust systems that effectively combat transnational crime, specifically drug trafficking. He acknowledged the significant role played by the US in providing extensive training to local law enforcement over the past two years, enabling them to combat various forms of crime more effectively.

“We (the government) are committed to continuing this partnership, expanding this partnership, building stronger relationship and thrust, creating greater network” President Ali emphasized .

Furthermore, President Ali announced that Guyana will soon host another Tradewinds Exercise, which is sponsored by the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM). This exercise, conducted for several years, provides a valuable opportunity for Guyana to further strengthen its relationship with the US and enhance cooperation between the two nations.

President Ali also referred to the US as a valuable strategic partner, citing its instrumental support and assistance to the nation, particularly in relation to the private sector. He noted a growing interest from many US companies in investing in Guyana.

Highlighting the significant trade ties between the two countries, President Ali stated that the US is Guyana’s largest trading partner, with a trade volume exceeding US$3.9 billion in 2022.

In a previous meeting between President Ali and the Secretary of State in July last year in Washington, DC, discussions were focused on the importance of creating a sustainable energy future, enhancing food and energy security, safeguarding the environment, and promoting good governance, shared prosperity, and inclusive growth. The Secretary had emphasized the strength of the bilateral relationship and the importance of future cooperation to address the pressing issues of the region.


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