Local Financial Analyst and Accountant at the Ministry of Finance, Surendra Boodhoo, has emphasized the urgent need for the transformation of Guyana’s public service to drive efficiency.

In a comprehensive report published on his LinkedIn Page, Boodhoo highlighted the key areas that demand immediate action to unlock the nation’s potential for growth and development.

In his report, Boodhoo pointed out that outdated bureaucratic practices have hindered the public service’s efficiency and responsiveness. To address these challenges, he recommended adopting advanced technological solutions, automating workflows, and streamlining administrative procedures. “By adopting advanced technological solutions, automating workflows, and streamlining administrative procedures, the public service can shed its cumbersome image and become a beacon of efficiency. Improved digital infrastructure and data management systems will enhance transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement,” he said.

Boodhoo’s report also underscored the significance of a dedicated and skilled workforce in driving the operations of the public service. To attract, train, and retain talented personnel, he suggested that the government invests in comprehensive training programs, leadership development initiatives, and performance management systems. He is of the contention that fair and merit-based recruitment practices, coupled with competitive remuneration packages, will ensure that the best and brightest are motivated to serve the nation.

Noting that citizens are the ultimate beneficiaries of an efficient public service, Boodhoo advocated for a focus on improving service delivery to enhance the quality of life for the people of Guyana. He recommended establishing citizen-centric service centres, simplifying administrative procedures, and promoting a customer-oriented approach to make government services more accessible and responsive. He also stressed the importance of embracing e-governance solutions to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and foster trust between the government and its citizens.

Emphasising that transparency and accountability are essential elements of good governance, the accountant called for the adoption of robust mechanisms to ensure transparency in decision-making processes, procurement practices, and financial management. He stressed the implementation of stringent anti-corruption measures and whistleblower protection mechanisms to enhance public trust in the government along with regular audits, public reporting, and citizen participation platforms, to further strengthen accountability and cultivate a culture of openness.

Boodhoo also highlighted the potential benefits of leveraging the expertise and experience of international partners. He said, “By modernizing systems and processes, strengthening human resource management, enhancing service delivery, promoting transparency and accountability, and collaborating with international partners, Guyana can build a public service that is efficient, responsive, and citizen-centric”.

He recommended collaborative initiatives, knowledge-sharing programs, capacity-building workshops, and exchange programs to facilitate the transfer of best practices and innovative solutions that will allow Guyana to align its public service standards with global benchmarks.


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