Noble Drilling, one of ExxonMobil Corporation’s renowned offshore drilling contractors, is seeking to identify potential partners capable of providing security services for various operational requirements. Alongside security service providers, the company has also expressed interest in exploring rental property options to support its expanding operations.

In its Request for Information (RFIs) published today, it noted that it is specifically targeting companies offering security services with the provision of well-trained personnel on a 24-hour basis to enhance security measures across its facilities and other critical locations related to their oil and gas operations.

With safety being a top priority, it said the selected company will be entrusted with safeguarding these critical locations, ensuring the mitigation of potential security risks and maintaining a constant state of vigilance.

The company further noted that it is seeking expertise in logistics and transportation security. As it moves equipment, materials, and personnel to various locations, it said it robust security measures to protect its assets during transit. As such, the chosen security providers will play a crucial role in addressing potential security threats and ensuring the smooth movement of essential resources.

The sought-after rental properties are expected to have two floors, each approximately 5,000 square feet in size or equivalent. Additionally, the properties must offer a minimum of 10 designated parking spots to accommodate staff and visitors. Noble Drilling also requires ample space to facilitate various functions, including staff housing, offices, conference and meeting rooms, a laundry room, and a kitchen.

Noble Drilling’s parent company, Noble Corporation, boasts an illustrious track record in the drilling industry. Renowned for their modern and technologically advanced fleet, they have been operating in Guyana for several years, actively supporting Exxon’s drilling campaigns.

It recently garnered a substantial additional backlog commitment from Exxon under the Commercial Enabling Agreement (CEA). This extension has led to an expanded contract duration for four drillships—Noble Tom Madden, Noble Sam Croft, Noble Don Taylor, and Noble Bob Douglas. These exceptional vessels will be operating under the CEA from the fourth quarter of 2025 to the second quarter of 2027, solidifying Noble Drilling’s prominent role in the industry.


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