About 05:00 hrs on Wednesday, ranks from the Vigilance Police Station’s Anti-Crime Patrol received information about ‘the discharging of a firearm’ and immediately proceeded to Melanie (market area).

The ranks observed two men acting suspiciously. The officers stopped and proceeded to conduct a search on them and their personal belongings, to which they complied.

The ranks then unearthed a firearm in one of the suspect’s pants crotch. He was asked to produce a firearm licence but failed. He was told of the offence, cautioned and arrested.

They were escorted along with the weapon to the Vigilance Police Station. On arrival at the station, the firearm was inspected and observed to be a. 32 Taurus Pistol (without number).

Both suspects, a 25-year-old construction worker of Vigilance, East Coast Demerara, and a 29-year-old construction worker of Buxton, were placed into custody pending further investigation.


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