Guyana’s premier maritime training school, the Atlantic Alliance Maritime and Offshore Training Institute (AAMOTI), recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Universidad del Caribe (UNICARIBE), a Dominican Republic-based University.

The MOU which was officially signed during a high-level visit to the Dominican Republic by a Guyanese government and private sector delegation aims to enhance collaboration and upskilling for Guyana’s workforce through joint investment, development, and marketing efforts in both nations.

The agreement outlines the formation of an alliance to facilitate the exchange of administrative, technical, and human resources. This collaboration according to AAMTI seeks to promote mutual benefits by offering education and training programs in various sectors such as oil and gas, energy, tourism, hospitality, and maritime.

AAMOTI currently provides an array of certificate courses, including Basic Safety Training (BST), Advanced Firefighting, Advanced Medical Care, and Ship Security Awareness training. Additionally, the institute offers a three-year marine cadetship program. These courses and programs hold accreditation from both the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) and the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), allowing graduates to hold internationally-recognized certificates and licenses.

Miranda Thakur-Deen, Managing Partner of AAMOTI, expressed enthusiasm about the newly established collaboration, emphasizing its potential to prepare locals for emerging opportunities in the economy. She highlighted AAMOTI’s dedication to upskilling the workforce and forging partnerships with key players in the maritime sector. These partnerships include the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, the Women in Maritime Association Caribbean, the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation, and now UNICARIBE.

Thakur-Deen also pointed out that AAMOTI is joining forces with the Office of the First Lady to provide technical training to 100 women from indigenous communities across Guyana. This move it said showcases the institute’s commitment to expanding opportunities, including employment, for Guyanese citizens.

Furthermore, it notes that the collaboration between AAMOTI and UNICARIBE is seen as the beginning of a promising and productive partnership that will benefit both institutions and their respective communities.


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