Vreed-En-Hoop Shorebase Inc (VESHI) announced today that it successfully reclaimed 44 acres of land as the monumental project of the M.V Galileo Galilei draws to a close. This achievement marks a remarkable step forward for Guyana’s coastline expansion.

The M.V Galileo Galilei, one of the world’s largest hopper dredgers owned and operated by the Jan De Nul Group in collaboration with NRG Holdings, has wrapped up its mission in the Demerara River. Throughout less than a year, the vessel has become an emblem of innovation and progress, emerging as the largest dredger ever seen along the Demerara River.

VESHI noted that at the heart of its deployment was the pivotal sand key reclamation phase, where the M.V Galileo Galilei was used to clear the existing area and embarked on the intricate process of adding reclaimed materials. This marked the foundation for the creation of an artificial island, designated for the construction of an avant-garde terminal. Notably, the vessel’s presence also contributed to the maintenance of the river channel, enhancing navigational access.

VESHI, a key player in this monumental endeavour, has simultaneously achieved a significant milestone with the completion of the 200-meter quay wall construction. With this phase wrapped up, attention has shifted to various ancillary works that are vital for the terminal’s comprehensive functionality. These include the installation of fenders and bollards, excavation work, pavement construction, electrical and lighting installations, building constructions, and utility integration.

Moreover, VESHI has taken a proactive step in engaging local service providers, exemplifying their dedication to community involvement and collaboration. As the December deadline for completion looms ever closer, the company has initiated efforts to onboard local service providers, fostering a sense of collective participation. With the potential engagement of between 30-90 services, VESHI is poised to significantly contribute to the local economy while ensuring the project’s timely realization.

The company recently published a Request for Information (RFI) for the 30-90 additional services. The RFI encompassed both technical and commercial services, spanning areas such as maintenance, repair, cleaning, and servicing of various systems including water, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, gas, and generator systems. General maintenance tasks like gardening and pest control were also part of the scope, with the possibility of additional related services.

VESHI is a pioneering collaboration between NRG Holdings Inc. and the esteemed Jan De Nul Group, developed to establish the Vreed-en-Hoop Shore Base as the paramount modern, deep-water, multi-purpose port in Guyana.

At its core, NRG Holdings Inc. represents a consortium of influential Guyanese businesses, including Hadi’s World Incorporated, National Hardware Guyana Limited, and ZRN Investments Incorporated. This collective force has converged with the internationally acclaimed Jan De Nul Group, a maritime infrastructure powerhouse headquartered in Luxembourg, renowned for its unparalleled expertise and global presence.


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