A Ghanaian technology firm with a strong background in oil and gas and a Guyanese/Canadian company, have formed a joint venture to provide offshore monitoring services for exploration and production activities in Guyana’s burgeoning and gas sector.

The company, West Coast Gas Ghana, is joining forces with E-Magic Incorporated, the brainchild of Tony Harris, a Canadian with Guyanese roots. This collaboration was formalized during the recently concluded Ghana-Guyana Local Content and Capacity Building Conference held at the Marriott Hotel last Thursday.

West Coast Gas Ghana is a multinational company of Ghanaian origin, with a notable presence across sub-Saharan Africa. Their expertise lies in crafting and delivering technological solutions and services within the oil and gas sector.

They are particularly adept at designing and operating systems that ensure precise hydrocarbon accounting, effective oil and gas contract management, and adept petroleum data management.

On the other hand, E-Magic Incorporated stands as a global technology enterprise specializing in providing expertise and software for the development, integration, and management of large-scale industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and Azure Digital Twins Solutions. Notably, E-Magic has its roots in Guyana, and it boasts 100 percent Guyanese ownership.

Their newly established joint venture reflects the vision outlined in the strategic partnership agreement inked by the two nations in December 2021. The union merges the profound technical expertise and global experience of both E-Magic Inc and West Coast Gas Ghana, as highlighted by the partners.

The partners are resolute in their belief that their technological innovation will empower the Government of Guyana (GoG) with two significant capabilities. Firstly, they aspire to provide the government with direct and independent oversight within the natural resources sectors. Secondly, by delivering real-time data, they aim to enable the government to establish its own comprehensive review mechanism.

An intriguing facet of this venture is that the Local Content Act of 2021 does not encompass this service among the 40 service areas defined by the law. This uniqueness underscores the pioneering scope of the joint venture which will be mostly funded by West Coast Gas Ghana.

In the operational realm, E-Magic Incorporated will assume the responsibility of recruiting the majority of the workforce. It was noted that the JV company is committed to ensuring that at least 75 percent of its senior management team hails from Guyana, and over 90 percent of the staff employed by the joint venture will be Guyanese as well.

Expressing enthusiasm about this collaboration, Emmanuel Johnson, the CEO of West Coast Gas Ghana, shared his excitement. Tony Harris echoed this optimism, foreseeing the joint venture as a catalyst for setting new benchmarks in the sector.

Confident in the potential of their collaborative efforts, Harris added, “We are confident that by combining our TwinWorX digital twins platform and deep technical expertise, and West Coast Gas Ghana’s in-depth industry knowledge, we will provide a comprehensive monitoring capability that will revolutionise how Guyana monitors its booming oil production.”

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of West Coast Gas Ghana, Emmanuel Johnson has asserted that in collaboration with E-Magic, they are poised to reshape the landscape of technology’s impact on production processes, risk mitigation, and the promotion of sustainable growth.


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