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One missing, another arrested following river mishap

Missing: Mark, also know as "Rasta"

Authorities are currently investigating a river incident that resulted in the disappearance of an individual known as ‘Rasta’ or ‘Mark’ from the Essequibo Coast. The incident occurred around 20:40 hrs on Tuesday near a waterfall in Middle Mazaruni River.

Police personnel arrived at the scene at approximately 12:00 hrs today to initiate their inquiries. Initial findings indicate that Shojhi Roberts, a 32-year-old Ranger hailing from Isseneru Village, Middle Mazaruni River, borrowed a wooden Balahoo boat from the village. The boat, equipped with a 75 Yamaha horsepower outboard engine, was used for transport.

On Tuesday at around 20:30 hrs, Roberts set off on the Balahoo boat accompanied by Mark Benn and ‘Rasta’, intending to travel to Apaiqua Landing, a destination approximately five minutes away. However, while navigating the river in the vicinity of a waterfall, the boat collided with a rock, causing all occupants to be thrown into the water. Subsequently, the boat sank.

In the aftermath of the collision, the boat’s captain, along with one of the occupants, Mark Benn, managed to swim to the safety of the shore. Unfortunately, ‘Rasta’ could not be located. Efforts were made to search for him in the surrounding area, but these attempts were unsuccessful.

The search operation is currently underway.

In connection to the ongoing investigation, Shojhi Roberts has been taken into police custody.


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