Two major contractors for ExxonMobil, namely MODEC and Baker Hughes, are searching for accommodation services for their employees. Both companies recently released Requests for Information (RFI) specifying their interests.

MODEC, a prominent Japanese builder of Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels, stated in its RFI that it requires short-term accommodation services for its employees located in Georgetown. MODEC emphasized that the provided accommodation must meet specified safety, quality, and health standards.

MODEC is a globally recognized entity engaged in the ownership, operation, and general contracting of floating production systems. Its expertise spans various types of units, such as FPSO units, FSO units, FLNGs, Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs), Semi-Submersibles, and Mooring Systems, along with innovative technologies designed to address the challenges of gas production floaters. Presently, MODEC is involved in the construction of the Errea Wittu vessel, a key asset for Exxon’s fifth offshore development.

On the other hand, Baker Hughes, a prominent player in the oil field services sector, has indicated in its RFI a requirement for the leasing of six to ten apartments for a more extended period. These apartments must to be situated on the East Bank of Demerara, preferably in Providence, as well as on the East Coast Demerara, preferably in the Ogle area.

It is worth noting that Guyana’s landmark Local Content Law holds the purpose of prioritizing the involvement of Guyanese nationals and businesses in the procurement of goods and services for oil and gas operations. This strategy aims to enhance the retention of economic benefits within Guyana, while simultaneously fostering the growth of competencies and capabilities among local individuals and businesses within the petroleum sector.

The law’s First Schedule outlines 40 sectors where the engagement of Guyanese enterprises is given precedence, contributing significantly to the overall economy.


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