Police are investigating the murder of an Amerindian man known as ‘Sunny’ (age, address and other particulars unknown at this time), which occurred sometime between August 17 -18, 2023, at Kumung Kumung Backdam, Puruni River, in Region Seven.

Police visited the scene about 17:30 hrs yesterday. The investigation thus far disclosed that around 23:00 hrs Thursday night, the now-deceased man was in the company of two female Venezuelan nationals and others drinking alcohol at a shop when he approached one of the females and requested to dance with her.

The Venezuelan woman declined his advances which caused him to become annoyed, and he held on to her. She pushed him off, and an argument ensued between them.

According to witnesses, the female broke two bottles and threatened ‘Sunny’.

Persons at the shop attempted to calm the situation, but ‘Sunny’ began to behave disorderly and assaulted two of the men trying to subdue him. The two men, in turn, dealt the deceased several cuffs and lashes about his body. He was later taken to his camp in an intoxicated state and, sometime after, retired to bed.

At about 06:00 hrs the following morning (Friday), the female Venezuelan was seen running away from Sunny’s camp. The deceased was later discovered covered in blood, lying motionless in his hammock.

On arrival at the scene, Police examined the body, and one stab wound was seen to his upper left side chest, two stab wounds were below his left armpit, and one to his upper left side back. A Crime Scene Technician processed and photographed the scene.

Oriamna Naomi Silva Figuera, the 23-year-old female from Puerto Ordas, Venezuela, the woman with whom the victim had an altercation and who was allegedly seen running from his camp, was arrested by Police and is currently in custody assisting with the investigation.

Police also arrested Joel Moore, called ‘Alligator’, a 23-year-old Miner and Elton Booker, called ‘Ratty’, a 22-year-old Miner, who are the two persons that allegedly assaulted the victim in the shop.
Investigations are ongoing.


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