Chinese developer, Rong-An Inc. (RAI) is on the cusp of initiating a logging project within the upper Essequibo-Berbice Watershed. The extensive endeavor, according to the company, is set to reshape the region’s landscape while addressing critical environmental considerations.

In it’s project summary submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), RAI, established in 2006, noted that it’s current concession which spans over 65,000 hectares, stands as a pristine expanse of land awaiting purposeful development. As such, it concluded that logging operations within that area hold great promise.

In addition, to bolster their application for environmental authorization, RAI said it has engaged the Forestry Training Centre Incorporated (FTCI), a recognized authority in forest management and technology.

The project area, characterized by its unique topography and accessible through multiple routes, offers both challenges and opportunities it said. It’s operational plan takes into account the delicate balance between resource extraction and environmental preservation.

Socially, the project demonstrates a harmonious coexistence with neighboring concessions and communities. The company said the absence of human activity within the area assures minimal disruption to existing settlements and activities. With a strategic layout in place, including base camps and forward camps, RAI’s operations are poised to proceed with meticulous attention to waste management and environmental protection.

RAI also noted that through this project it’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its pledge to harvest less than one percent of the concession area annually. Notably, the company said it will be investing US$1.9 million in the development of the concession area over period 2023-2024, with roading works accounting for 80% of the budget.





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