Two persons were yesterday caught with marijuana at Itaballi Landing, Lower Mazaruni River.

Around 13:30hrs, police ranks on mobile patrol near the landing, stopped a grey van bearing registration number GTT 2796. The van’s owner, Dodstin Clarke, a 43-year-old of Middle Street, McDoom, East Bank Demerara, was driving the vehicle. The van had two other occupants: Lindon Rudder, a 63-year-old miner of McDoom, EBD, and Albert Griffith, a 63-year-old seaman of Middle Street, McDoom.

The ranks searched all the occupants and their personal belongings. A further search was carried out on the motor vehicle, and located in the vehicle’s tray was a bag containing five bulky parcels, two of which were wrapped with black plastic and three wrapped with transparent plastic. All of the parcels had a quantity of cannabis leaves, seeds and stems.

Dodstin Clarke and Lindon Rudder both accepted ownership of the narcotics. They were cautioned, arrested and escorted to the Bartica Police Station.

On arrival at the station, the cannabis was weighed and it amounted to 3,186 grams (approx. 7lbs). The suspects remain in custody pending charges.



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