A devastating incident unfolded on Dennis Street in Sophia yesterday (Wednesday) around 2:20 PM, leading to the loss of a 10-month-old infant’s life. The incident has prompted a thorough investigation by local law enforcement authorities.

The accident involved two vehicles, identified as motor car #HC 8812 and motor car #PYY 7263. The former was driven by Keyimo Roopnarine, a 28-year-old resident of ‘A’ Field in Sophia. The latter, motor car #PYY 7263, was owned and driven by Khary Boyer, a 26-year-old individual from Sixth Street Cummings Lodge in Georgetown.

According to initial findings, motor car #PYY 7263 was travelling west along the southern drive lane of Dennis Street at a fast rate. The vehicle had three occupants at the time: a 32-year-old individual named Boyer-Singh, Zainab Boyer, a 10-month-old baby girl who was seated in the front left passenger seat, and Raeanne Boyer, a 5-year-old child seated in the rear passenger seat.

Tragedy struck in the vicinity of the Juvenile Holding Center, as the driver of motor car #PYY 7263 lost control of the vehicle. The car veered to the right, crossing into the northern drive lane directly into the path of motor car #HC 8812, which was traveling east along the northern drive lane. The collision that followed was head-on, resulting in significant damage to both vehicles.

The impact left both drivers and the three occupants inside motor car #PYY 7263 with injuries. Fortunately, several members of the public stepped in to help, transporting them to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention. Once at the hospital, medical professionals examined the injured parties.

Tragically, despite the best efforts of medical staff, the 10-month-old infant, Zainab Boyer, succumbed to her injuries during treatment. Her body currently rests at the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Mortuary, where it awaits a Post-Mortem Examination.


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