The bodies of two men whose boat was found adrift a day ago with the engine running, were found today in the Essequibo River. The ordeal began when Rozana Lallmoni, a 28-year-old cook, filed a ‘missing persons’ report at the Bartica Police Station at approximately 19:15 hrs last evening.

She expressed deep concern for her husband, Vijai Lallmoni, and his coworker, Solendra Bookmohan, both of whom were employees at St. Mary’s Quarry. According to her account, her husband and his colleague had boarded a wooden boat, measuring approximately 16 feet in length by 4 feet in width, powered by a 40 Horse Power Yamaha Engine. They had set out for Bartica to purchase supplies for their kitchen.

Rozana’s worries intensified when she reached the Essequibo River’s Sachrilla Bay, only to discover the boat adrift with its engine idling, and no sign of the two men. Multiple attempts to reach them via cell phone went unanswered, leading her to rush to the Bartica Police Station to file the report.

Hours later, authorities from Regional Division No. Seven received vital information about two male bodies floating in the Essequibo River around 11:00 hrs today. Responding promptly, two police officers headed to Agatash village along the riverbank, where they discovered the first body. It was later identified as Vijai Lallmoni, found face down about 20 feet from the western shore. He was dressed in a black jersey and black short trunks, with no footwear. His grief-stricken wife, Rozana Lallmoni, positively identified him.

The investigation then led the authorities to the Puerto Rima area in the Essequibo River, where they located the second body. It was identified as Solendra Bookmohan, and his wife, Priya Bhookmohan, confirmed his identity. Solendra was found wearing a grey vest, camouflage long jogger pants, and green boxer shorts, also without any footwear.

The bodies were respectfully transported to the Bartica Hospital Mortuary, where they were officially declared deceased. Authorities suspect the victims may have drowned, but investigations are ongoing.


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