Oceaneering, a leading oilfield services provider headquartered in the United States and currently operating in Guyana, has secured two significant contracts with a combined value exceeding US$100 million. These contracts are designated for offshore operations in Guyana with ExxonMobil and in Angola.

In Guyana’s Stabroek block, Oceaneering will play a crucial role by providing jumper and subsea field development installation services, alongside various associated tasks. Work on this project has already commenced and is expected to continue throughout the entirety of 2023. However, Oceaneering’s announcement did not specify the exact Stabroek Block project it was contracted for.

Roderick A. Larson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Oceaneering, expressed his satisfaction with these developments, stating, “We are pleased to continue delivering quality offshore services to our expanding international client base.”

He added, “These awards substantiate our visibility into increased international activity. Our success with these projects supports our belief in the resurgence of international offshore activity and market expectations over the next several years.”

In Angola, Oceaneering has been appointed as the consortium partner to facilitate transportation and installation operations for the Girassol Life Extension project. With its experience in Angolan offshore developments, Oceaneering will contribute Angolan personnel for the Angola project and take on the responsibility of managing the in-country operations of the consortium.

According to the company, their responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, including air and saturation diving services, project management, engineering, and procurement activities. These efforts are in direct support of the prime contractor’s initiative to recover and replace 12 risers. The company’s services are set to unfold across multiple phases, commencing in late 2023 and continuing through late 2025.


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