Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand made the announcement during a virtual social media broadcast on Wednesday.

“We wanted to make sure we tell you that even before people can plan their holidays, and not have anxiety when the results will be out there. There will be enough time to get children prepared to register for their new schools and prepare to get into schools,” the education minister explained.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand along with pupils of the Peter’s Hall Primary School

Minister Manickchand added that two mock examinations will be conducted in January and March. The Grade Five curriculum and eventually the consolidated version of the curriculum will serve as the foundation for the 2024 assessment.

Students who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and were forced to miss school while in Grade Two will be the ones to take the examinations the next year.

“Many of them went back to school all the way to Grade Five. So, we are very conscious of that time lost in the classroom when we were in shutdown over COVID-19. We are trying to repair that by offering as many resources, guidance, and support, both at the school and home levels and to all our students,” Minister Manickchand added.

Several primary school pupils

The ministry has also provided all the necessary educational resources including textbooks to prepare students for their assessments.

Minister Manickchand underlined that “It is a very nice collection of books which ought to support all the learning that is required for that assessment. We have posted videos on every single topic that is going to be tested on the Guyana Learning Channel, which is also on YouTube. We have printed and published the curriculum on our website. We have a Quiz Me website where you go and answer questions and get your results right away in and around the topics for NGSA.”

Some 15,273 students from the eleven educational districts wrote this year’s NGSA on May 3 and 4. (Department of Public Information)


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