Shivnarine Singh, popularly known as Vinod Singh, the proprietor of D. Singh Trading on Delph Street, Campbell Avenue, believes the kindhearted nature of his son, Amit Singh is what contributed to his gruesome demise. Lured by the promise of a lucrative gold transaction, the 21-year-old was deceived by four men to visit a residence in Middle Road, La Penitence. There, the quartet not only robbed Amit of his gold and a significant amount of cash, but also inflicted several blows to the head before making a hurried getaway.

Shivnarine Singh, the Proprietor of D. Singh Trading and father of slain youth, Amit Singh

In a heart-wrenching conversation with Guyana Standard this morning, the grieving father recounted how his son had been picked up by these men right outside their family establishment yesterday afternoon. He was entirely unaware of the dangerous transaction his son was about to partake in.

The man, who has three other sons, disclosed that Amit had a registered business for the purchasing and selling of gold. This news agency understands that Amit was running a pawn shop in collaboration with another friend. “He had a pawn shop…he told me he was running it with somebody else and his girlfriend would help him. I don’t even know where the pawnshop deh. I never even go. He used to purchase gold on a regular basis because is a registered business he had,” the businessman said.

Struggling to grapple with the loss of his second born son, the proprietor made his way over to the car he bought Amit some time ago. “…He used to ride a motor bike and a time he de fall down right at the corner there…he told me he wanted this car and he would come off the motor bike.

The house where Amit Singh was lured, robbed and killed

“I said if this is going to save his life I gon buy it. I ain’t kay, at least he would stop with de motorbike. It was one of those x-trails. He loved racing and suh…when I got the car for him he used to say ‘daddy, I love this car’ and he go and buy fancy number plate for it,” the sobbing father said.

The grieving man told this news agency that he is not aware if the men who murdered his son were his friends.

What he does know for a fact is that his son was a joyous young man and paid a terrible price for having a heart of gold.  “He always used to take on other people problems. And that is why they could have done that to him. He always trying to help someone. He wanted to help the world. If I buy him something and he thinks someone else needs it he will give it away,” the father said.

The businessman said he has since been informed by the police that one of the four suspects, Yogeendra Sukhdeo has confessed to the crime and took detectives to his home a Lot 1896 20th Avenue Diamond Housing Scheme where a search unearthed the sum of $7,791,000 in $5000 notes. “I don’t even know where my son get that kind of money from,” the father said before returning to his establishment to comfort other grieving relatives.

D. Singh Trading closed today as the family mourns

As the Singh family mourns a profound loss, the quest for justice for Amit Singh remains ongoing.


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