The United Nations has recorded some 21,974 Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Guyana as at August 2023. While some Guyanese are experiencing paranoia, and are worried about the influx of Venezuelans, especially given the heightened presence of Venezuelan military near Guyana’s borders, the United Nations is not at all worried that the persons coming here pose a threat.

At a media engagement earlier today, UN Resident Coordinator, Yesim Oruc essentially said that there seems to be no sinister plot behind the movement of Venezuelans as they are simply fleeing hardships.

“Refugees, to our knowledge, have not posed any treats thus far. We do not know of any issues of them undermining Guyana’s principles,” said Oruc.

The country coordinator said that while there might be some paranoia among Guyanese, it is useful to keep in mind that many Venezuelans coming  to Guyana are just fleeing hardships and are not concerned with the politics of the two countries.

She added that among the refugees are many vulnerable people including women, children and sick persons seeking health care,

The UN has been working with many Venezuelans who seem more than willing to engage. According to a UN fact sheet, over 400 “forcibly displaced” Venezuelans participated in United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) interventions on Gender Based Violence and prevention and Gender Equality promotion.


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