Police in Regional Division Three are yet to apprehend a group of men suspected to be Venezuelans, who assaulted and robbed a taxi driver at Ruby Backdam, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) several days ago.

A raid was conducted in various locations, including the squatting area at Ruby Backdam, Greenwich Park, Peter Street, and Parika First Koker. Several Venezuelan nationals were apprehended in connection with the incident.

The victim, Shon Smith, visited the Parika Police Station but was unable to stand due to neck injuries sustained in the attack. Despite being shown photographs of 41 male Venezuelans, Smith could not identify any of them as his attackers. The police recorded his statement, and the search for the suspects continues.

The incident occurred on November 12, 2023, around 01:45 hrs when Smith, a taxi driver from Namyrck Parika, was flagged by five men on the Parika main road. While driving to Ruby Backdam, one of the men brandished a knife and attacked Smith. The 46-year-old stopped the vehicle, and his attackers proceeded to beat and injure him before making their escape.

Jagmohan Singh, a 49-year-old farmer from Ruby Backdam, discovered the taxi driver under his house shed around 02:00 hrs. He subsequently alerted his brother-in-law, who transported the victim to the Leonora Cottage Hospital. Smith was examined and admitted for observation.

Despite efforts, the police have not located the suspects, but investigations are ongoing.


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