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Sheriff Group of Companies explores partnership with East China Architectural Design and Research Institute

ECADI officials (right) during a meeting with Sheriff Group of Companies representatives (left)

Sheriff Group of Companies disclosed on Wednesday that it is preparing to embark on a transformative partnership with ARCPLUS GROUP (INT’L) CO., LIMITED, and East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. The company said this anticipated collaboration holds the potential to reshape the landscape of construction and development in Guyana, starting with the soon to be announced “One Guyana High Rise”.

In the forthcoming days, Sheriff Group of Companies said it will be formalising a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with ARCPLUS GROUP (INT’L) CO., LIMITED, and and its national company East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. This landmark agreement seeks to establish a comprehensive and dynamic partnership that will encompass a wide array of full-process construction consulting services. Tailored agreements will also be crafted for the design and construction phases of various projects, including the much-anticipated One Guyana High Rise.

Ameir Ahmad, Managing Director of Sheriff Group of Companies, conveyed his enthusiasm about the impending agreement, saying, “We are at the threshold of an exciting chapter and this agreement that we are about to embark on bears immense potential. It is what we hope will be a successful and lasting partnership. It also aligns well with our own development and investment agenda, and not to mention Guyana’s trajectory as the world’s fastest-growing economy.”

Guyana Standard understands that this partnership follows a series of fruitful discussions held between representatives of the two companies in Shenzhen, China. Sheriff Group of Companies was represented by Deputy CEO of Sheriff Security Inc., Divesh Ramjattan, Director of Projects Hayma Singh, and Director of Public Affairs and Community Engagement, Janelle Persaud.

“During our trip, we’ve dedicated our time to exploring architectural and construction firms in China, and we’ve successfully identified a Chinese company that aligns perfectly with our vision for the One Guyana High Rise project. We’re expected to return to China soon to formalise the agreement. Sheriff Guyana takes pride in contributing to Guyana’s development and fostering the growing relationship between Guyana and China,” expressed Singh.

Meanwhile, Ramjattan believes that the agreement “signifies a new metamorphic attitude towards real estate development in Guyana, and marks the dawn of a transformative era in our nation’s infrastructure.”

East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD and its international company ARCPLUS GROUP (INT’L) CO., LIMITED, have distinguished themselves with their involvement in the design and construction of some of the world’s tallest and most intricate structures.

The formal signing of the framework agreement is scheduled to take place in the coming weeks.

The Sheriff team has been in China over the past week attending the China Construction Expo from November 7-9, 2023. They have engaged a variety of companies providing a range of products and services in the construction industry.

Singh said, “Our visit to China can truly be summed up as a successful one. Not only were we able to engage nearly 30 suppliers of goods and services useful to our work in Guyana, but it has resulted in a partnership that can solidify the vision of our group to change the infrastructural landscape of Guyana.”

The China Construction Expo – Shenzhen is positioned as the preferred platform for centralized procurement for materials associated with major construction and infrastructure projects.


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