The Government of Guyana will not budge on its position to allow the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to rule on the validity of the 1899 Arbitral Award as the final settlement of the border controversy between Guyana and Venezuela.

This much was reiterated today as Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo hosted his weekly press conference at the Office of the President.

Noting the recent egregious actions taken by Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro in an attempt to annex Guyana’s Essequibo, Dr. Jagdeo dubbed them as yet another round of miscalculated moves. Dr. Jagdeo noted that Maduro’s actions are in violation of the ICJ’s order for Venezuela to refrain from actions that will change the status quo of Essequibo being under the control of Guyana. He said that despite that fact that these moves are brazen, Guyana will not be scared into returning to the negotiation table.

Dr. Jagdeo said Maduro has proved that he cannot be trusted, and therefore, any out of court attempt to settle the border controversy will be a waste of time.

The former President noted that tomorrow will see an emergency meeting of CARICOM on the matter. He said Guyana intends to bring to the attention of the regional body, the very fact that Maduro says one thing and does another.

Dr. Jagdeo said he believes CARICOM will stand firm in its position behind Guyana and its chosen course of action with is both lawful and peaceful.


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