Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo has announced that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is set to deliberate on Guyana’s plea for intervention regarding Venezuela’s breach of the International Court Justice’s (ICJ) directive tomorrow. The ICJ had expressly prohibited Venezuela from taking any action against Guyana’s governance and control of the Essequibo County, however, its President, Nicholas Maduro continues to forge ahead with plans to seize the territory.

The Security Council meeting holds significance, with Jagdeo expressing satisfaction at the swift attention given to the matter. He also acknowledged United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ transmission of the ICJ’s order to the UNSC.

Anticipating a prompt resolution from the UNSC, Jagdeo underscored the heightened anxiety among Essequibo residents. He pointed out that Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has not only issued a three-month ultimatum for foreign companies to vacate concessions awarded by Guyana but has also declared Essequibo as part of Venezuela’s territory within its military zonal system. He however has the contention that Maduro can continue to make whatever laws on his side of the border, but enacting them would be a violation of international law.

Additionally, Venezuela intends to conduct a census of Essequibo residents, paving the way for citizenship and identification cards. As for Caribbena leaders urging Guyana to engage in direct dialogue with Venezuela, Jagdeo expressed skepticism, asserting, “Maduro cannot be trusted.” He also noted that the only place the matter will be settled is at the ICJ.

Also happening tomorrow is an emergency meeting with all CARICOM leaders, where Guyana is expected to make a full address of the threats that have been made by Maduro in hopes having a consensus on how the matter will be addressed going forward.


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