Former United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo addressed the Guyana Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo today, highlighting Guyana’s emergence as a potential energy giant.

Speaking via a video message, Pompeo said, “First of all, energy is not merely an economic issue. It’s deeply connected to every nation’s national security, the cause of global peace and prosperity and freedom.”

Reflecting on his experience as Secretary of State, Pompeo said, “There were very few meetings I ever held with Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Foreign Ministers, in which energy was not a primary topic of conversation.” He underscored the critical role of energy in global prosperity, emphasizing how nations like America and Guyana possess the capacity to produce portable energy that can be exported around the world. This energy he said, can play a vital role in delivering and maintaining basic prosperity for people worldwide.

To that end, he cautioned against the weaponization of energy by nations like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, warning of the global consequences of such actions.

Addressing the audience directly, Pompeo urged stakeholders to prioritize Guyana’s energy potential, stating, “We have to ensure that Guyana has the tools and security it needs to fulfill ts potential as a truly massive producer of energy.

Commending Guyana’s leadership, Pompeo praised President Dr. Irfaan Ali’s efforts in infrastructure development and creating opportunities for economic growth. He encouraged business leaders to adopt a strategy of innovation and market-driven solutions, mirroring the principles that have driven success in the United States.

Pompeo also expressed confidence in Guyana’s future prosperity and called for collective efforts to uphold sovereignty, freedom, and market-driven progress.He affirmed that there is a critical nexus between energy, security, and economic advancement, positioning Guyana as a pivotal player in the global energy landscape.

He indicated that his address aimed to serve as a rallying cry for Guyana to harness its energy potential while prioritizing security and innovation, setting the stage for a prosperous future in the energy sector.





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