A staunch supporter of the ideal, “we are better together,” Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Keith Rowley said on Monday that his nation stands ready to lend its century-old experience and infrastructure to help Guyana and others maximize benefits from their oil finds.

Rowley spoke of his country’s development plans as well as his keen interest in regional collaboration during the opening of the Guyana Energy Conference and Supply Chain Expo. This significant event is being held at the Marriott Hotel from February 19 to 22 under the theme: “Fuelling transformation and modernization.”

In order to ensure regional energy security and combat the negative impacts of climate change, Dr. Rowley said it is imperative that CARICOM partners effectively leverage their God-given resources, whether they be hydrocarbon or renewables. The Prime Minister stressed that the most benefits can be achieved through collaborative efforts. “Only by working together can we obtain our objectives of fostering productive and resilient economies in what promises to be an increasingly hostile business environment,” said the CARICOM leader.

With the emergence of the Caribbean region as a significant player in the hydrocarbon industry, much to the credit of recent discoveries offshore Guyana, Dr. Rowley said the region is presented with a valuable chance to build a more resilient future. “By ensuring our region fully capitalizes on its resources, including human and mechanical, we can guarantee the alignment of energy and industrial transformation with collaborative economic strategies,” said the T&T Prime Minister..

For successful implementation, Dr. Rowley said these strategies must be accompanied by efficient and effective public management systems and integration into the local economy through shared infrastructure and supply chains. To this end, he noted that Guyana, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago have agreed to a new ferry service among the three Caribbean states. It was previously reported that the Galleons Passage, a vessel from the Twin Island Republic, will be used to ply the route, at least initially. “…We are confident this can grow into a major catalyst for welcomed regional collaboration, development, and diversification,” the Prime Minister said.

With respect to oil and gas resources, he said collaboration is especially important due to the high cost and long lead times associated with certain projects. As a country with more than 100 years in the oil business, Dr. Rowley said his country remains open to collaborating with its neighbours in the development of the region’s hydrocarbon resources through the sharing of its knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure.


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