In a resolute stance against the ongoing crisis in Haiti, CARICOM Chair, President Irfaan Ali on Wednesday evening underscored the need for concerted action. He made this call during the closing press conference of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Heads of Government meeting held in Guyana.

President Ali, flanked by fellow leaders, delved into the gravity of the situation, highlighting the urgency of finding solutions for Haiti’s advancement.

The regional body he said, stands united in its resolve to provide assistance and support to ensure stability, security, and prosperity for the Haitian people.

In his address, President Ali highlighted the multifaceted nature of Haiti’s challenges, asserting, “It is time well worth spending because of how important Haiti is for the region and how critical it is for us to find a solution for the holistic advancement of the people of Haiti.”

He also noted the significance of addressing not only security concerns but also political and governance issues.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Phillip Davis of the Bahamas echoed President Ali’s sentiments, describing Haiti’s plight as “truly a terrible situation,” with a shocking number of deaths in January surpassing even the casualties of major conflicts.

The severity of the crisis prompted CARICOM heads over the past three-days, alongside international partners, to engage in extensive discussions and coordination efforts aimed at finding resolution.

A significant focus was placed on addressing the political stalemate hindering progress in Haiti. Prime Minister Davis highlighted the commitment to holding Haiti general elections by August 31, 2025, as a pivotal step towards restoring constitutional governance.

To ensure the integrity of the electoral process, a joint CARICOM and United Nations-led assessment team was established to identify and address gaps in infrastructure and implementation.

Moreover, President Ali underscored the need for inclusive dialogue among all stakeholders in Haiti, urging consensus-building to overcome political impasses. He stressed the collective responsibility of stakeholders to prioritize Haiti’s needs, stating, “Every stakeholder in Haiti must also give in order for Haiti to get what it needs.”

According to President Ali, CARICOM’s dedication to addressing the Haiti crisis was evident in the intense deliberations spanning over 25 hours of sidebar meetings and formal sessions. Despite the complexity of the situation, he said CARICOM remains steadfast in its commitment to providing leadership and support to alleviate the suffering of the Haitian people.

Notably, the urgency of the situation prompted CARICOM to task specific member states, including Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica, and the Bahamas, with expediting follow-up discussions. President Ali also explained the importance of regional leadership in addressing the Haiti crisis, highlighting the need for urgent action to bring about meaningful change.


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