See statement below that was read today by the Leader of the Opposition, Aubrey Norton:

The Opposition wishes to express its profound disappointment and dismay at the PPP Government’s blatant disregard for the people of Region 10, the elected Regional Democratic Council of Region 10 and the Mayor and Town Councillors of Linden in planning the 58th Independence Flag Raising Ceremony.

We wish to recall the PPP government boycott of the Linden Town Week and its unwillingness to complete many of the projects initiated by the APNU+AFC government are clear indications that they do not have the interest of the people of Region 10 at heart.

It must also be noted that the PPP government has shown total disregard for our hard-working teachers in Region 10 and the entire teaching staff in Guyana. Consequently, we stand in solidarity with our teachers as they confront the high cost of living, poverty and an uncaring and vindictive government that continues to ill treat them and all the working people of Guyana.

In the circumstance, we will not attend any government organized Independence celebration since to celebrate with the PPP government is to collude with those who are oppressing the people of Guyana.

The deliberate exclusion of regional officials from Region 10 from such a significant event is not only callous but also gross disrespect to the principles of local and regional governance.

We wish to emphasize that in previous years, during flag raising ceremonies in Regions 2 and 9, in which the PPP forms the Regional government, there was full participation of the respective regional officials. The barefaced disregard shown towards Region 10 is unacceptable and undermines the spirit of inclusivity and unity that should characterize such national celebrations.

It is evident that the current PPP regime is more interested in photo opportunities rather than genuine efforts towards fostering a united Guyana for all its citizens. This exclusionary approach only serves to deepen divisions and foster discord among our people.


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