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Opposition calls for national day of remembrance for Mahdia dorm fire victims

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On the first anniversary of the Mahdia Secondary School Dormitory fire, Opposition Member of Parliament Ganesh Mahipaul has called for a national day of remembrance to honor the victims of the tragedy, which claimed the lives of 20 children.

“Our thoughts, sentiments, and support continue to be extended to their families and communities,” Mahipaul stated, reflecting on the profound impact the tragedy has had on the nation.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Mark Philips announced that a memorial site would be established in Region 8 to honor the lost lives. Mahipaul, while supporting this proposal, expressed concerns that the memorial might become a small, overlooked structure, visible only to those who pass by.

Mahipaul emphasized the need for a more significant and enduring form of remembrance. “Given the national collective grief and horror over this tragedy, we believe that we must memorialize the event in a manner that will not cause it to slip out of the national memory and consciousness due to time or lack of visibility and prominence,” he said.

To ensure the tragedy remains etched in the national consciousness, Mahipaul proposed that May 22nd be annually designated and observed as “Mahdia Children Fire Victims’ Day.”

“Such an annual observance not only allows the nation to collectively remember the tragedy and its twenty victims, it would also provide the nation with the fitting opportunity to recommit to higher standards of public administration, moral duty, professional conduct, and governmental responsibility and accountability,” he explained.

Mahipaul stressed that these 20 young lives must not be lost in vain. He called for the country to become a better, safer, and more caring place for children and all other vulnerable and dependent citizens.


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