In spite of scathing criticisms, the government is still renting the controversial Sussex Street bond in Albouystown. In fact, as of March last, the government would have paid a whopping $264.5M to the owner of the facility.

The Sussex Street bond attracted media attention some two years ago following the opposition’s grilling of the government in the National Assembly.

It was revealed that the arrangement between the government and the owner of the facility, Linden Holdings Company, was “ill-conceived”. The former Minister of Health, Dr. George Norton had issued a public apology after it was found that procurement protocols were ignored.  He was later transferred to the Ministry of Social Cohesion, a move the administration insisted was not as a result of the debacle.

Back in May of this year, former Attorney General and Opposition Parliamentarian, Anil Nandlall,  submitted to the National Assembly, a series of questions to the new Health Minister, Volda Lawrence. Nandlall sought to ascertain the sum of monies paid thus far for rental of that bond.

His questions to the Minister were:  What were the total sums paid to Linden Holdings Inc. as rent for the property situated at Lot 29 Sussex Street, Albouystown as of March 31 2018? and

What action has been taken with regards to implementing the August, 2018, Cabinet Sub-Committee recommendations that the contract be renegotiated to obtain a lower rate of rental, and, if not possible, that the lease Agreement be terminated?”


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