When the political opposition accused the government of trafficking Haitians to Guyana in an effort to influence the 2020 General and Regional Elections, APNU+AFC Ministers rejected it. Specifically, Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix described these allegations as “baseless” and “utter nonsense.”

But the 2018 Human Trafficking Report by the USA State Department reveals that there may be a grain of truth to the opposition’s accusations. The report states, “The government granted temporary amnesty to foreign labourers, i.e., 211 Haitians to regularize their immigration status in Guyana.”

It was also revealed that the Government of Guyana would have reported multiple cases of delivering foreign victims to their respective embassies at the request of the foreign missions before the conclusion of prosecutions. The government,  however, did not report whether it facilitated or funded the repatriation of Guyanese nationals victimized abroad; but, it offered shelter, medical care, and psycho-social assistance to victims upon their return, the report stated.


  1. Good that the people of Guyana is getting rid of- these ridiculous people…. ‘in power ‘and let justice serve … lot of overseas come to Guyana doing crimes and don’t do the time time ……because everyone wants bribes ….


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