Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo is not convinced that the government is doing its utmost in heeding the public’s call to reduce fuel prices at the pump stations. He contends that the resolution of the matter is not as hard as it seems.

In fact, the former Head of State says that the matter can be resolved with just a phone call.

Jagdeo’s comments come on the heels of increased fuel prices, and an upping of pressure by public transport officials on the authorities to intervene. There has also been a call by operators to increase service charges.

Already, there has been a number of protests in the capital, with one destructive demonstration purportedly conducted by minibus operators where tires were burnt and an obstruction of traffic was caused to one of the country’s major thoroughfare, last month.

The Guyana government has already noted the concern raised by consumers. It was later revealed in the local media that Cabinet will deliberate on the issue; with an aim to find a suitable outcome.

Speaking at a recent press conference hosted at his Church Street Office, Jagdeo regaled the media on “how it’s done”.

“Cabinet (is) to explore options of what they will do about fuel prices. Now, (former Finance Minister) Ashni Singh would call me and say, the prices have gone up and here is the reason, because we moved up the prices when the prices were low and we drop them when the prices are high, as a stabilizer.”

Dr Ashni Singh is currently before the courts on corruption charges.

“And I said ok go ahead, as President. And I’m sure he did the same thing with [Donald] Ramotar (Jagdeo’s presidential successor)…They now need a whole Cabinet to explore what they do with the fuel. Is this not total incompetence?” the politician questioned.


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