Pharmacy Director of the Ministry of Health, Oneil Atkins, holds the view that no country can achieve 100 percent of the supply of medicines at any given time. As such, he contends that while shortages may occur, it will not be at a level where the lives of Guyanese will be cast into jeopardy.

In a release issued by the Health Ministry yesterday, Atkins said that officials in Guyana’s pharmaceutical sector “still” struggle to forecast accurately, patients’ needs in the 10 Administrative Regions.

Atkins pointed out that quantification is a tedious task and demands “highly specialized skills”. He said that the ability to forecast helps improve estimating the right pharmaceuticals, in the right quantities for a specific procurement period, in a timely and accurate manner.

When quantification is precise, Atkins said that it ensures uninterrupted availability of appropriate medicines; helps decrease stock-outs and over-stocking, thus minimizing wastage and promotes improved cost-effectiveness and boosts clients’ satisfaction level.

Guyana, Atkins said, is making constant efforts to restructure, recreate and rebuild structures in the pharmaceutical supply-chain and medicine use areas. He said the Public Health Ministry is also pursuing capacity building programmes for those who prescribe medications to citizens in need of medical care.

He said that fixing the local system is a work in progress and challenged healthcare workers to be more responsible.


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