Regional Health Services (RHS) Director, Dr. Kay Shako is of the firm opinion that ending theft and wastage of drugs and medical supplies can help improve Guyana’s healthcare delivery system.

She stressed during a recent lecture that there will be significant improvements if bad behaviour among some Regional Health Officers (RHOs) is stopped. The RHS Director said that low circulation of critical items for patients happens “because of pilfering” of drugs and medical supplies in the public health sector.

On the issue of the theft of drugs, Dr. Shako said the RHS is aware of those behind the reprehensible behaviour.

We know who you are,” Dr. Shako said, warning participants not be surprised when the police get involved.

The Healthcare Official also expressed worry over “the piles of expired drugs” in the healthcare system because of poor forecasting by RHOs and in some instances, a delay in the arrival of drugs to the 10 Administrative Regions.

Dr Shako’s comments would come almost a month after an attempt was made to defraud the Public Health Ministry of millions of dollars. The Public Health Ministry would have communicated that there was an alleged plot to steal $50M worth of drugs and medical supplies during the hosting of the country’s inaugural Health Expo, which was held from May 30 to June 2, 2018.


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