Crime Chief, Paul Williams has ordered his ranks to reopen the investigation into the mysterious death of 19-year-old, Sasia Adams—this is almost a month after her boyfriend, Rick Sewcharran was charged with manslaughter.

 Adams died on June 12, in a private hospital’s Intensive Care Unit—two days after her boyfriend claimed that she jumped from his moving car in the vicinity of Lamaha Street, Georgetown. 

Guyana Standard understands that police received additional evidence which suggest that the victim was beaten in her East Street, Georgetown home before she was taken to the hospital.

With this new information, detectives were ordered to reopen the case and conduct further investigation into the death of Adams. This time, ranks are hoping to withdraw the manslaughter charge against the suspect and reinstitute murder charges.

Ranks are said to be in possession of a curtain which has the victim’s blood on it—supporting the new information received. The curtain was on Adams’ bedroom window. Additionally, a wall in the victim’s bedroom had been repainted. 

It is believed that the bedroom was partially repainted before the 19-year-old was taken to the hospital on June 10, last.

Sewcharran had originally reported that Adams jumped out his moving car. However, a post-mortem examination revealed that her injuries are not only similar to those sustained by an accident victim, but someone who had been hit to the head with an object. The victim’s body had no abrasions.

Adams’ family members claimed that her boyfriend told them two versions of how the woman met her demise. One includes her jumping from his car and the other is that the victim fell at home and hit her head.


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