They are in power now, so let them figure out how they’re going to deal with it. We in the PPP, we’re done. We’ve said what we believe should happen and if the government doesn’t want to pursue it, then fine. It is their problem now.

Those are the words of Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo earlier today as he noted government’s refusal to heed the call of the Berbice Bridge Company Incorporated (BBCI) for increased tolls while it has no alternative solutions in place.

The PPP had suggested that the government subsidise the bridge to offset operations and maintenance cost, as well as to facilitate the payment of dividends to the shareholders.

Jagdeo had suggested too, that the government move to procure the shares of major shareholders so that the asset will can more publicly-owned.

The government however, has disregarded these suggestions; saying that it will explore alternative approaches to have the tolls remain at their current rate.

Based on government’s stance, Jagdeo told media operatives at a press conference hosted at his Church Street office today, that the PPP will cease it argumentative position on who is responsible for the current state of affairs at the BBCI.

Instead, he reiterated his party’s intention to make public the financial model that was crafted during his party’s tenure as government.

We will release the model that we had, the model – the 122 pages financial model -we’ll release it (and) it will show exactly what the PPP placed as part of this initiative. But they (government) have to figure it out now, and if they don’t, then the pontoons are going to fall apart. They believe that by sitting on the issue, or making public statements will make the issue do away – somehow it will miraculously go away.  (If) they can find other solutions, then let them pursue the solutions.” Jagdeo said.

The proposed increases for various categories of vehicles are cars from $2200 to $8040; minibuses from $2200 to $8040; pickups from $4000 to $14600; 4WD from $4000 to $14600; small trucks from $4000 to $14600; medium trucks from $7600 to $27720; large trucks from $13600 to $49600; articulated trucks from $32,000 to $116,680 and boats from $110,000 to $401,040.


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