A frustrated resident, who lives within close proximity to the Woodlands Hospital, is seeking the Heath Ministry’s invention over the hospital’s improper disposal of bio-hazardous waste.

The resident has provided various correspondences, showing her pleading with the authorities to have the matter resolved.

The resident lamented that the situation has worsened over the past weeks to the extent that her kids have become ill from the refuse.

 She shared with the media, several pictures showing discarded syringes lying haphazardly and blood oozing for what appears to be a dumpster within the hospital’s compound.

 The Guyana Standard was made privy to a letter that was sent to the Minister of Health, Volda Lawrence, informing of the situation. 

 The Ministry responded in an email acknowledging the complaint and assured that the matter will be looked into.

 The resident has sent additional emails requesting follow-ups where the assurance is always given that the matter will be looked into.

But the issue has only worsened. 

In the latest request to the Ministry to have the matter looked into, the Resident said, “Both my children are ill at the moment and I am convinced it’s the transference of germs being spread by the cats flies and rats eating this waste and then going about their business in the yard.


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