Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan told elected officials and other stakeholders of the local government system, that interference by central government is a thing of the past.

Minister Bulkan in his remarks at the opening of the inaugural National Conference of Local Democratic Organs (NCLDO) at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre said, “We are now in the era of people’s empowerment, of the small man being the real man. Gone are the days of the micro-manager, gone are the days of domination and intolerable interference by central government.”

Bulkan said also, that the 1980 governance formula was forged in the crucible of struggle against inequality and underdevelopment.

“It is, therefore, regrettable that the efforts of our founding leaders who crafted a progressive system of local governance out of painful experiences were eroded by deliberate efforts that almost reduced the system of local government to irrelevance,” Bulkan said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Local Government Commission, Mortimer Mingo said the conference provided the opportunity for consultation between central government and the local democratic organs. It also allowed stakeholders to pool ideas for sustaining local democracy

He said, “This element of cohesion is absolutely essential to ensure harmonization, fairness and equality. There is no doubt that this initiative to embrace collaboration is the best way forward to achieve a win-win outcome where democracy, good governance and development are achieved.”

The chairman also opined that no political system is considered complete and democratic if it does not have an effective system of local governance

The NCLDO is aimed at facilitating the development of local government leadership.


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