Two experts from the E-Governance Academy (eGA) of Estonia are in Guyana to develop an Action Plan for the creation of a Digital Governance Roadmap.

The experts arrived yesterday and met with Public Telecommunications Minister, Cathy Hughes, and the Head of the National Data Management Authority (NDMA), Floyd Levi.

This would be the second visit by the Etonians in a year.

A statement from the Ministry noted, “Their mission on this second intervention is to meet separately with Cabinet members and Technical Officers in key agencies including the Police and Fire services and the Attorney General’s Chambers, as part of the research and fact-finding phase.”

The officials are Dr. Arvo Ott, Chairman of the Management Board of the eGA, and Project Manager, Tonis Mae.

According to a government release, the officials spoke briefly about the best ways to harmonize the various ICT projects being implemented in Guyana and to retrofit these initiatives into the national ICT Strategy.

Minister Hughes expressed great optimism for Guyana’s economic future and the well-being of the citizenry who stand to benefit tremendously from digitized government and public services, commerce, manufacturing and social life.

There’s a growing awareness and understanding of Guyana’s efforts to ensure that all aspects of life, including Government, are computerized and inter-connected.  The biggest challenge for us as a country was sourcing the best international skills to guide us in the crafting of this Roadmap,” she said.  “Now we are well on the way,” the Minister was quoted saying.

Last year June, members of Cabinet benefited from a presentation from Dr. Arvo Ott.

That presentation to Cabinet and visit to Guyana was made possible by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

During that presentation, Dr Ott presented on 12 subject areas: history of the e-Governance Academy and the Estonia Government; the government framework; the purpose; competencies and current projects of the e-Governance Academy; governance efficiency; economic competitiveness; the E-way of life; the aim of e-Governance; the examples of economic effects of e-Governance; the e-Government central unit; the legal framework; the legislation system, architecture and lessons learnt.

Additionally, Dr.Ott made presentations to a number of stakeholders during his stay in Guyana. The private sector was also briefed on the benefits of operating fully digital and the returns of such investments.

Dr. Ott during his presentation explained to the businesses that one of the benefits of becoming fully digital will ensure more efficiency and transparency of their businesses.


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