Detectives this morning took divers to the Pomeroon River, Essequibo to recover a gun that was used by a 46-year-old woman who fatally shoot her older lover, Deonarine called “Russian” when their sex romp went astray.

The woman has only been identified as “Radha called Chinee” of Charity Housing Scheme.

Detectives took her to the area in the Pomeroon River where she claimed she dumped the weapon after shooting the farmer. She also revisited the crime scene where she provided a detailed account of the murder to the ranks.

The gun has not yet been recovered. On Tuesday, ranks from the Force’s Major Crimes Unit were able to secure a confession from the suspect, who initially claimed that her 73-year-old lover was killed by a masked gunman on Friday.

It was during intense grilling that the woman confessed that she killed the farmer because he attacked her after she refused to go for ‘round two’ during their sexual encounter. Detailing the incident, the woman claimed that the farmer, earlier in the day, went to her home and picked her up. It is customary for her to spend Friday nights and the weekend with her lover.

The couple went back to the farmer’s Grant Maria’s Delight, Lower Pomeroon River home, cooked and ate together. They then retired to bed. But before they could sleep, the farmer requested intercourse to which the woman said she agreed.

However, when the 73-year-old farmer requested to go for “round two” in a very short space of time, the suspect said she got angry and objected to it. This subsequently led to a fight with the farmer allegedly accusing the woman of having an affair.

During the confrontation, the 73-year-old man allegedly armed himself with a knife and attempted to stab the woman but she claimed that she managed to wrestle him and the knife fell—she cut her hand in the process.

“When the knife fell, she said that he ran downstairs—she didn’t know why he ran downstairs but she said that she knew he had a gun stored. When he run up back with the gun, they fight and she grabbed onto it and managed to take it away,” a source close to the investigation said.

The woman further alleged that after she grabbed the weapon, it went off—fatally shooting the farmer. According to the suspect, she panicked and made up the story of the attack by a lone bandit.

Four persons were previously arrested and questioned for the farmer’s death. They were all released.

The investigation is ongoing.


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