“It is a privilege to get this scholarship from such a world class university to learn about natural resource management from these world-renowned professors. Natural Resource Management, especially as it relates to oil, will be critical to Guyana’s potential prosperity, so this opportunity could not have come at a better time.” So said Attorney at Law, Charles Ramson, when relating to the Guyana Standard the fact that he was granted a scholarship for an intensive five-day Oil and Gas and Mining Governance Course.

The former People’s Progressive Party/Civic Member of Parliament noted that the course is from the 10th–14th September at the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government, described as one of the institution’s newest and most vibrant departments.

Ramson said that the course has been developed through a unique collaboration between the Blavatnik School of Government and the Natural Resource Governance Institute, which examines extractive resource management and develops strategies to transform resources into sustained prosperity.

He said that the five-day course provides the training and insight required for policy leaders in the public and private sector to work towards better management and governance of oil, gas or mineral resources. It incorporates the latest knowledge from expert faculty, and participants will actively apply these insights during strategic planning sessions.

Ramson said that the course will look at both technical policy aspects of managing resources and the complex interplay between governments, companies and citizens.

Topics that will be covered include: taxing companies and combating tax abuses; directing state-owned enterprises; protecting local societies and the environment; managing revenues and investment and, implementing strategy and ensuring accountability.
Some of the faculty teachings on the course will be conducted by Professor Paul Collier, Professor of Economics and Public Policy and Professor Eric Parrado – both of whom came to Guyana for a short visit in March 2018 to meet with the Government of Guyana.

The course is geared for participants to develop a clear understanding of the elements of a national natural resource strategy and the ability to lead in, or influence, the formation of effective policies for the governance of these natural resources.

Just over a year ago, Ramson completed a Masters in Oil and Gas from the University of Aberdeen on a Chevening Scholarship.


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