Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan today said that the PPP/C is trying to delay the hosting of Local Government Elections (LGE) with its recent court action.

The Minister is being challenged in the High Court for the creation of new local authority areas and the restructuring of several others.

The application was made two days ago by Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Bibi Shaddick. The Opposition member is contending that the changes were made without enough consultation with stakeholders.

According to Minister Bulkan, the allegation leveled against him is not that he acted unlawfully, but undemocratically.

The court action, he noted, is being supported by Article 13 of the Constitution, which speaks to inclusionary democracy. The Minister described this move as “ironic” given this Administration’s commitment to inclusionary democracy.

The Communities Minister said Government is “not concerned” with the court action and believes it is designed to deny citizens in selected areas from enjoying their democratic right of participating in the LGE.

The move, Minister Bulkan said, to establish the new Local Authority Areas (LAA), is geared at increasing community engagement, involvement and electoral participation in local government.

He expressed confidence that the charges will be proven frivolous and without merit.

The November 12, LGE will see the participation of nine new LAAs, eight new Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and the township of Mahdia, the Minister added.


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